The Replacements - Sega CD MD 2 Spindle

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This is a replacement spindle for the Model 2 Sega CD. This console addition was notorious for having issues related to the spindle. If the spindle is broken, this is a direct solution that can be 3D printed using a variety of methods. This model is open source and available for free to anyone. Credit/acknowledgement is not required to use this model.


Testing of this model has been done on FDM (extrusion) and resin SLA printers. For best results and a factory look, print this using SLA or SLS (nylon). FDM prints are quick and easy for prototyping/fitment, but may not be durable for long time usage. Experimentation will be needed to get the proper fit for your console. It is important that you follow your printer's instructions for washing and curing of your prints. Failure to do so may cause fitment issues. Below are some tips for different types of printing.

Scaling of the model (very slight) may be required to get the best fitment. This model has a 2.05mm diameter hole for the motor shaft. Due to the tight tolerance of this piece, you may need to adjust the scale of this model for it to work on your Sega CD. 

FDM Prints

Layer Height: 0.15 - 0.20 mm
Infill: 100%
Supports: Yes
Material: PLA/PETG

PLA will be easy to print with, but may not be the most durable for this application. PETG would be preferred for durability and heat resistance. Scaling of the model may be required to get the perfect fit on your particular model of Sega CD. Support should be used on the underside to prevent scarring on the top side of this model.

Resin Prints

Resolution: 100 microns or finer
Material: Resin (regular or tough)
Supports: Yes

Resin will vary depending on your machine. This print was tested on a FormLabs Form 2 with their standard black resin. Supports should be generated on the underside of the model for best results. Support scarring on the underside and is normal for this kind of print. The spindle will rest just slightly above the tray, so scars should not hinder rotation of the spindle.

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