Resources and Documentation

Assembly & Installation Guides


SNES RGB + SV Bypass with Buddy Board

AV Multiout Board - For NESRGB Installs and More!

N64 RGB (Tall Boi) with Buddy "Long" Board (coming soon)



Sega CD Model 2 Spindle Replacement


GitHub - Open Source Projects

I have slowly started to build GitHub repositories with the intention of sharing all of my projects as open source. I don't believe holding back on tech that can help us preserve or improve our retro nostalgia. Everything on my Thingiverse and GitHub are free to use by anyone and everyone. Although attribution is not required, it doesn't hurt. Enjoy!

3D Print Models

3D printing and modding are the modern day power couple. If I design something useful, even if it's obscure, I will post it to my Thingiverse account. All 3D printed parts in my shop can be found on my Thingiverse page if you would like to print them yourself.

Although some of the designs are heavily inspired, all measurements and modeling are done by me, Fragol. If you decide to use my models please give attribution.

My models are not licensed for commercial use. If you have questions, please contact me.



Currently my YouTube channel doesn't have much on there. Any install videos will be posted to this channel. More videos will be arriving soon...


Coming Soon...

There are an endless amount of resources out in the wild wild web. As I continue to find or create them I will add them to this page. Feel free to contact me about potential resources that you may find helpful.