Terms of Service

How Do Mail-In Services Work?

  1. Browse the available services throughout the website until you find one that meets your needs. If you don't see the service you require, contact me and we will discuss your options. Mostly likely if I cannot provide a service I will refer you to a trusted member of the modding community who can help you.
  2. Purchase any services or kits you would like performed on your console. Proceed to checkout/registration and complete the sale. I currently only offer one option for shipping, but I plan on offering more in the future. Shipping is USPS Priority Flat Rate.
  3. After payment has been received you will be emailed a receipt along with shipping instructions. Please print a copy of your receipt and include it with your console. This helps with the verification process once it hits my workbench. If you cannot do this, please include your order number written on a piece of paper.
  4. Please include only the console and kit to be installed. Do not include cables, controllers, or accessories. I am only responsible for what is included in your order. Custom services are excluded from this policy.
  5. Ship your console to me using your preferred postal service. Include insurance on your package as I am not responsible for damage resulting from shipping/handling to and from my shop. You are responsible for the shipping charges to and from my shop. The return shipping is included with your purchase through this site.
  6. Once your package has arrived you will receive a confirmation email that I have received your package.
  7. Allow for the estimated turnaround time for work to be completed on your order. Current turnaround time will be posted on front page and will be included with your receipt. Remember this is an estimate, orders can take shorter or longer due to a variety of reasons.
  8. After work has been completed on your order, and everything has been tested, you will be notified of shipping. A tracking number will be provided through email.
  9. Once you have received your console, please check to make sure everything arrived safely and is working as intended.


Due to the nature of aging electronics, it is impossible to predict issues or problems. Because of this I cannot offer warranty on bad/failing components, failure of the kit/mod, or anything out of the scope of service. I am not responsible for any of these issues.

I am responsible for all work I perform. If there is an issue with your hardware after the mod is completed contact me right away and provide a description of the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved through email/messages, I will have you mail back your unit. 

  • Warranty is for 90 days after you receive you console from my shop.
  • You will pay for the shipping back to my shop. You will receive notification once it is in my possession.
  • Warranty work takes precedence over other orders and work will begin ASAP.
  • If the issue is determined to be from a faulty installation, I will fix the issue at no cost to you. I will also refund shipping charges to the shop and cover the cost of shipping back to you.
  • If the issue is unrelated to my install/service, I will do my best to diagnose the problem and provide a quote to fix the issue. You will be responsible for return shipping whether or not you decide to have the issue fixed.
  • The quote can cover a wide range of fixes. I will not do any work without confirmation from you.


I am not responsible for:

  • Damage resulting from shipping/handling of your console to and from my shop
  • Operational failure of your hardware caused from aging components
  • Missing parts from kits provided by customers
  • Faulty or failing kits sent for installation. 

It is the customer's responsibility to:

  • Ensure your console/hardware is 100% functional and has no pre-existing issues
  • Ensure your console is compatible with the hardware you want installed (do your research!)
  • Disclose any knowledge of prior work or mods performed on your console/hardware that may cause issues with the installation/service 
    • If work/mods have been done, contact me before purchasing a service
  • Cover all shipping costs to and from my shop

Additional Information

  • Repair/diagnostic work will only be taken for OEM parts and consoles. I will not take repair work for mods/installations not performed by me.
  • Refurbishing services will have limited success on damaged hardware. The focus will be to clean and polish your system to the best it can be. Deep scratches, chips, dents, yellowing etc. can only be fixed so much. De-yellowing (RetroBrite) services are not offered.
  • Extremely dirty consoles or console that pose a safety risk will be immediately sent back to you without a shipping refund. You need to take better care of your consoles...
  • I reserve the right to refuse any service and offer a refund for work not performed.